8 Reasons To Take A Cruise! – Benefits of Cruising To Travel The World

Cruise To Travel The World! 8 Reasons You Should Take A Cruise!

Cruising is a great way to travel and see the world and it is for people of any age!

Imagine going to bed and while you sleep, you are being transported to another place in the world. When you wake up the next morning, you are in a new country to explore and discover.  Roll out your bed onto your own private balcony and see a sunset from a part of the world you have never been!

See this sunrise from Cabo Mexico cruiseship. 7 Reason to take a Cruise!
Imagine waking up to this sunrise in Cabo Mexico cruise port!


This is what cruising is like and I think everyone should try it! There are so many benefits of cruising that many people may not have thought of. Here are 8 reasons to take a cruise!

#1  – See many countries in a short amount of time!

How many ways can you travel and see multiple countries in one week? Sure you could take a plane, but that would be exhausting and expensive to do. You would spend most of your time at airports rather than exploring. Cruising makes traveling luxurious and stress free.  

On my first cruise to the Caribbean, I saw 4 countries in one week! Belize, Honduras, Mexico and The Cayman Islands. I got to spend a day at each country and I plan to go back to the ones that I enjoyed the most. Imagine adding those 4 countries to places you have traveled? Amazing!

Go to Roatan Honduras by cruise travel. One of the most beautiful places to take a cruise to!
Roatan, Honduras – My #1 favorite place I have traveled on a cruise.
Roatan's beach at West End is on the list of Top 7 Things to Do In Roatan on the blog!
Beach in West End Roatan

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# 2. Cost Efficient Way To Travel

 I paid around $650 for  a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean to 4 countries. The inclusive price includes room and board, meals, entertainment and transportation (the ship)!

Entertainment on the cruises include Piano Bars, with live entertainment while you enjoy a cocktail of choice!To see multiple countries by air, the flights alone would cost more than a couple thousand dollars. Then if we were to add hotels, other transportation costs and food, we are talking even more money!

Think how much money was saved by cruising! This is one of the huge benefits of cruising.

On a cruise, there are out pocket expenses such as your off board excursions, but there are also inexpensive ways to enjoy your time off the ship. We will discuss this more in a later post.

Entertainment on the cruises include Piano Bars, with live entertainment while you enjoy a cocktail of choice!

Reason To Take A Cruise #3. Free Entertainment!

Many wonder if they will get bored on a cruise?…. There is plenty to do for your days and nights at sea, no reason to get bored! Entertainment is just Free.99!!!  (Yep Free.99= $0 lol)

Activities Include:

Live bands


Clubs and Dancing

Shows/ Performances


Bars / Piano Bars

Explore The Ship


Pool/ Hot tub


Golf/Basketball/ Rock Climbing – Some ships even have a skating rink!

If you think that is not enough, go with a group of friends who you enjoy to spend time with. Or, just make new friends on the ship, there are lots of people around!


Great ways to travel! Relax and Lounge as the cruise ship takes you across the world.
Relax and Lounge as the cruise ship takes you across the world.


#4 Carefree Traveling

Hate airports? Trains? Other than getting to your cruise port, once you board your cruise ship, your travel will be carefree. Sleep, party, lounge and eat while the ship transports you overnight to a new place.  

#5 24/7 Dining!

Cruise ships have seated dining each night where you are served full course meals.  You can eat as much as you want!! There are also buffets all day if you are not up for formal dining. Want pizza at 3am? Go for it! I always looked forward to late night pizza. I am on vacation, why not! Plus, a full stomach prevents motion sickness.

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# 6 Try New Foods!

Like trying new foods? How about exotic foods?  Cruising is a great opportunity to get out your comfort zone and try new foods. New foods I tried for the first time on a cruise were alligator, escargot, frog legs… just to name a few. Usually, I am not as open to going to a  restaurant and being as adventurous with my food choices, but since I can pick whatever I want and not worry about the bill, sure why not! I don’t have to finish it if I don’t like it.


8 Reasons You Should Take A Cruise To Travel!
Watch the moon shine like the sun at night during a cruise, amazing!


#7 Seeing the moon light up the ocean in the middle of the night!

One night, I woke up at 4am, peered out the window and saw the moon shining as bright as the sun onto the sea. Light shining in pure darkness. It was absolutely breathtaking! These experiences are priceless.


Dive in Cozumel Mexico! - 8 Reasons To Take A Cruise!
Getting Ready To Learn To Dive in Cozumel Mexico!


#8 New Experiences!

Traveling gives you a chance to do things you don’t have the opportunity to do at home. On a cruise to Cozumel Mexico, I tried scuba diving for the first time and it is something I thought I would never do!

You have the chance to take excursions in each country you visit. Do things like scuba dive, zip lining, explore ancient  ruins, explore mystical caves, snorkel, try new foods, learn about other cultures… there is no limit to what you can do!

 I hope these reasons to take a cruise inspire you to try cruising soon, and when you do, tell me about it!


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Cruise To Travel The World! 8 Reasons You Should Take A Cruise!
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