Who Is Little Birdie?

Hi, I am Ivory, aka Little Birdie. Welcome to Little Birdie Travel Blog! I am so glad that you are here to join me and share travel experiences together.

Why Do I Love To Travel?

I am curious, inquisitive and adventurous by nature. My curious nature about the world paired with an insatiable need to learn, continues to drive me to travel.  Traveling can teach people more about the world than a text book, which is why I am passionate about inspiring others to travel. Travel has changed me and continues to do so. It is often while traveling that the best ideas, inspiration and revelations are presented to me.

There is so many wonders in the world and it was created for all of us to enjoy.

My hope is to create a community of others who have a passion for travel, provide helpful travel guides and tips and get others traveling the world….and how great would it be to do some group travel with all you wonderful travelers out there?

I know our busy lives don’t always make traveling an immediate reality, but a little inspiration can go a long way to getting you to your next travel adventure.  I hope this blog helps you learn more about the world and that it helps you get to your dream destinations.

Half Moon Bay In Roatan. Relaxing, great for swimming and beautiful!
My favorite island to visit (so far), Roatan Honduras.

Do I Travel Full Time?

No, I do not travel full time. I have a home base in the Bay Area (SF Bay Area) and I plan bursts of travel throughout the year.  In between big trips, I travel local including places within California and neighboring states.

What type of traveler am I?

So far, I love traveling to islands and anywhere I can swim and snorkel. I love the water and I think the underwater marine life is amazing! When I get under the water, I feel like I have entered a new world and I feel just how vast creation and life is in this world.

Travel blog posts about adventures all over the world.
Me at home underwater while snorkeling.
Snorkel in Roatan! #1 of 7 Things To Do In Roatan featured on the Roatan Blog!
School of fish found underwater snorkeling in the Caribbean.
Snorkel in Roatan! #1 of 7 Things To Do In Roatan featured on the Roatan Blog!
Snorkeling the 2nd largest barrier reef in Roatan






Besides tropical islands, I am open to traveling anywhere because I want to see as much as the world as I can. I am curious about it all! I won’t know if I like a place or not until I have been there, right? Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter, all the world can be beautiful.

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