5 Things to Do in Austin Texas

5 Things To Do In Austin Texas

Austin Texas is the first city in Texas I have traveled to.  Austin is full of life where people enjoy being outdoors, socializing, eating, drinking and getting into “weird” stuff. Austin’s slogan is “Keepin Austin Weird.”  I spent four days there and it was impossible to do everything, but these are a few places and activities I enjoyed.

1. Listen to Live Music and Dance!

Austin is said to be the “Live Music Capital of the World!”  Many of the bars and restaurants have live bands almost daily.

Live band at The White Horse in Austin Texas
Live band at The White Horse in Austin Texas

I had a blast at The White Horse, a known honky tonk joint in town. They had a live band singing country music and a dance floor. People danced and it was so much fun to watch! I even joined in and tried dancing! It was my first time country dancing so it was exciting to do something new. The crowd is diverse and full of all age groups. They also have dance lessons earlier in the evening and you can check their website here for times.

Barton Springs in Zilker Park, Austin Texas
Barton Springs in Zilker Park, Austin Texas

2. Zilker Park and Barton Springs

Zilker Park is huge and has lots of different things to see. I drove through Zilker Park and checked out Barton Springs. Barton Springs is an outdoor mineral spring pool that is 70 degrees year round. In the winter, it is not as crowed and admission is free.

Since it was about 69 degrees outside the day I went, I asked a swimmer if they felt cold. I was told by a swimmer that it is “invigorating.” lol. Great way to put it!

Barton Springs in Austin Texas
Barton Springs in Austin Texas

3. Eat Texan BBQ

I was told you can’t visit Texas without trying BBQ! Many of the hot spots for BBQ usually have long lines and you have to get there early for the good stuff! Some even sell out by noon. I am a fan of sleeping in LATE and long lines in the morning is not my thing! So, on my way to Barton Springs, I drove by a BBQ joint called Green Mesquite BBQ and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to stop for a late afternoon lunch.

Green Mesquite BBQ In Austin Texas
Green Mesquite BBQ In Austin Texas

Sweet Tea in Austin Texas at Green Mesquite BBQ
Giant Sweet Tea! Love this stuff!

There was no lines and we were seated right away. ( I am sure we beat the afternoon rush). It had a down to earth Texan feel which I liked.

The food was good, but I have a feeling some of the other highly rated BBQ joints like Franklin’s may be better – that is, if you are up for the lines! Honestly, the BBQ did not wow me although it was not bad. I read a lot of travel bloggers that want to say everything was awesome and wonderful, but I like to reveal the good, the ok and the bad! Still overall good experience.


4.Visit South Congress Ave and Check Out Weird Stuff

South Congress Ave is a long street full of Vintage Stores, Food, Food Trucks and other stores full of the “uncommon.” It is a cool place to hang out and check out what makes Austin Weird!

The “Uncommon Objects” store is one of the famous stores on the block with some of the most unusal objects you will find. Ouji boards, heads of animals, strange signs and things you don’t see everyday… See for yourself below.

There are plenty of places to eat on South Congress such as famous Torchy’s Tacos, but I chose to eat at Gueros because there was live music outside on the patio! They sold $2 tacos and drinks. The Tacos al Pastor were very good!

5. Try Fruity Pebbles Latte at Fleet Coffee

I am a coffee lover and I always search for the best and most unique coffee in town. The Fruity Pebbles Latte at Fleet Coffee was surprisingly good! Espreso with fruity pebbles infused milk. Yumm!


Fruity Pebbles Coffee with a side Fruity Pebbles Crispy at Fleet Coffee
Fruity Pebbles Latte with a side Fruity Pebbles Crispy at Fleet Coffee

If interested in other cool places to get coffee, you can read about Mozarts Coffee on the lake here.

Traveling to Austin? Or have you been there? Leave me a comment and let me know what is your favorite thing about Austin!

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