Chileno Bay – Best Snorkeling Near Cabo San Lucas and Info On How to Get There!

Chileno Bay is a gorgeous beach in San Jose Del Cabo, just 15-20 minutes from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Chileno also has great snorkeling and in my opinion, better snorkeling than Santa Maria and Pelican Rock.  It is full of rich marine life, serene calm waters and great visibility for snorkeling.  It is also one of the few swimmable beaches in Los Cabos. (weather conditions permitting!)


Chileno Bay


How To Get To Chileno Bay

Tours will take you to Chileno Bay by boat from Cabo San Lucas. The tours will leave from the Cabo San Lucas Marina and take you past Lands End while you view the famous rock formations and then head toward Chileno Bay. Some even offer drinks and lunch. You may get 30min – 1 hour for snorkeling at Chileno once you arrive.

I have a contact in Cabo San Lucas that booked some great tours for me while in Cabo San Lucas and at great prices. You can find Oscar on Instagram @travelcabo, or message me for his facebook or email address. He is awesome!

While tours are a great way to get a sneak peak at Chileno and it’s underwater marine life, I prefer to come on my own so that I can have more time to spend at the beach and explore.

Chileno Bay - Best Beach Near Cabo San Lucas


Taxi, Car or Bus

I prefer coming to Chileno Bay on my own because I like to take my time snorkeling from the shore, walk along the rocks to check out the tide pools and getting time to relax at the beach in the sun.  

  • Taxi – A taxi may cost $20 or so depending on the Dollar to Peso currency conversion at the time you visit.
  • Car – If you are renting a car, the drive is 15 min away from Cabo San Lucas and there is a public parking lot at Chileno Beach. The beach access is easy from the parking lot.
  • Bus – It is possible to take a public bus from Cabo San Lucas. The buses may not be what you are used to depending on where you are from, but this is the cheapest option if on a budget.

Chileno was one of the highlights of my trip to Cabo San Lucas. Snorkeling there was awesome and you can get a sneak peak in the video below.  Comment below with any questions about what to do on your next trip to Cabo! 

 Watch the video snorkeling at Chileno Bay here:

You Must See Chileno Bay near Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Beautiful clear serene waters and great for snorkeling!


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