Flipkey Review – My Experience Renting In Roatan Honduras

Flip key is a vacation rental company owned by Trip Advisor. Everyone has heard of AirBnb by now, but vacation rentals companies like FlipKey and VRBO are still growing in popularity.

Flipkey has everything from budget options to luxurious villas. I searched Flipkey while looking for budget friendly accommodations in Roatan Honduras and decided to book with Flipkey for the first time.

My first experience with Flipkey was nothing but positive.

I rented a home called “A Little Bit Of Sunshine” in Roatan for a great price! “A Little Bit Of Sunshine” is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with a rooftop patio for under $500 a week! The location was prime, just 1 minute from the beach and the town of West End where I could shop, go to restaurants, catch a water taxi, or have a drink beside the beach at the many beachside bars. The home was beautiful and it was my home away from home!

Rent a home on flipkey when traveling as an alternative to airbnb I loved this rooftop patio at my rental in Roatan Honduras!
Rooftop Patio of Flipkey Rental in Roatan Honduras

Roatan Honduras Rental Home. This was one of two bedrooms of my flipkey rental. Great place to stay!
One of two bedrooms of my rental home in Roatan. I loved the decor!

View of the sunrise on the patio at "A Little Bit of Sun" house in Roatan.
View of the sunrise on the patio at “A Little Bit of Sun” house in Roatan.

Pros to booking with Flipkey.

Payments are made in installments. If you are planning a vacation in advance and want to secure a rental, you can make the first down payment and pay the rest down the line. You will get a due date of your next payment at booking. This is an option that is not available on similar sites like Airbnb.

You can work directly with the owners to provide you a set price including weekly and monthly discounts.

Flipkey is a great alternative to Airbnb. While I have used Airbnb in the past, Airbnb service fees and additional fees from owners can increase the cost considerably.  Try Flipkey to compare and find a place that matches your budget.

The messaging system makes it easy to communicate with the hosts.  You can work directly with owners who will provide you the total price for your vacation dates and ask them any questions you may have.

How to Choose the Right Flipkey

Reading reviews will give you a good idea if other visitors have had a positive experience and I always read them thoroughly before choosing a place to stay. I look for comments on cleanliness, location and responsiveness of the host.

My Flipkey host maintained great communication before and during my stay in Roatan which really made a difference in my overall experience. Responsiveness of your host is always an important factor because you want to know they are accessible if you have any problems or questions during your stay and that they communicate clearly regarding check in, directions, check- out and so forth. Basically, you want to make sure that they will handle any issues that may come up ASAP.

Tip: Ask the host questions before you book and see how well they answer and how quickly they get back to you. If they take forever to answer questions or communicate poorly, that is a red flag! Choose another host!

You can search rentals on Flipkey at http://www.flipkey.com

Have you tried Flipkey? What was your experience like and do you notice any differences between booking with Flipkey, Airbnb or VRBO?




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