Take A Zipline Through The Jungle To The Beach In Roatan Honduras

How would you like to zipline above the jungle canopy to the beach? In Roatan, you can do just that! The island of Roatan is a jungle covered island in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras. During my visit to Roatan, I decided it was a great place to try zip lining for the very first time and fly through the jungle! I had explored a lot of Roatan’s oceanside but there was much more exploring to do on land within the island.

Zipline in Roatan at Monkey Trail Canopy at Gumbalimba Park. Read what you may experience here.

In West End, my home for the week in Roatan, a bus was arranged to pick up my partner and I to take us to Gumbalimba Park. It was only our second time in a vehicle since we arrived in Roatan. There was not much need for a car staying in West End since I could walk to town or take a water taxi to most places I wanted to go. Nevertheless, the van ride was a good way to see the inland part of Roatan, so I enjoyed the ride.  

When we arrived at the Canopy, we were suited with our zip line gear and taught how to zipline and safety tips.  This included learning how to brake properly, how to hang your feet while on in motion on the zipline and what to do if you brake too soon and get stuck on the zipline! Yes you can get stuck if you don’t follow directions!

High in the jungle with a view of the ocean in Roatan Honduras.

The adventure started off with this amazing view! Next we walked across a small bridge high in the jungle canopy to get to the first platform. I was so excited to zipline for the first time.

There are a total of 12 ziplines of varying heights and lengths. The most fun ziplines are the ones with the steepest drop down. You go so fast! You get a great view of Roatan’s coastline and the ocean as you make your way closer and closer to the beach.

While on one of the platforms, I saw the cutest monkey on the ledge! So if you get to zipline in Roatan, you may get a pleasant surprise!

Cute Monkey in Roatan Honduras that I saw while ziplining!
Cute Monkey in Roatan

The staff is also super fun and they help take pictures for you during the zipline. 

Fun things to do in Roatan Honduras... Zipline to the beach at Gumbalimba Monkey Trail Canopy. Read more on the blog!
Fun Staff at Gumbalimba Park…Oops my eyes were closed! lol

Close to the end, you also zip across an open lagoon. It is very beautiful!

Zipline in Roatan. One of many things to do in Roatan Honduras!

Ziplining was a blast, but at the 12th zipline my arms were getting a little tired and I was ready to go on part II of my adventure to see Gumbalima Park and hopefully see more monkeys! The canopy used to have 18 ziplines total but 12 seems to be just the right number in my opinion!

When you finish ziplining, you can go for a swim at their gorgeous beach, chill at the pool or have a beverage under a palapa.

Cost Of Zipling

The zipline tour is $45 and you have an option of continuing your adventure at Gumbalimba Park for just $10 more.  The park will take you on a tour to see adorable monkeys, parrots, toucans, educate you about Roatans history and more. To see the nature park without zipline, it is $30. (no zipline).

Have questions about ziplining or things to do in Roatan? Leave a comment or question below!

Here is a video of the experience ziplining at Gumbalimba Money Trail Canopy.


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