7 Fun Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

7 Fun Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas may have a party reputation, but there is so much more to Cabo than that! Cabo is a vibrant, fun and beautiful place to visit. If you pick the right activities, you are bound to have a great time! Here is a list of 7 things to do in Cabo San Lucas including some ideas I hope you haven’t heard of before.

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#1 Take a Boat Tour of Land’s End

No trip to Cabo is complete without a tour of Land’s End where you will see rock formations such as the famous El Arco (The Arch). The rock formations are made of granite and were shaped naturally by the powerful waves of the sea.

El Arco is also the most photographed sight in Cabo and I am sure you have seen it on postcards or almost any tourist advertisement of Cabo San Lucas. Taking a boat tour or water taxi will give you the chance to see it person and take your own selfie in front of El Arco! You will also learn the names of other rock formations which include fun names like “Scooby Doo” and “Neptune’s Finger”

7 Things to do in Cabo San Lucas. #1 is take a boat tour and see El Arco!
Pelican Rock at Land’s End

#2 Visit Chileno Bay To Swim And Snorkel

Locals and tourists alike, love this beach! Chileno Bay Beach was the most beautiful beach I saw while in Los Cabos. The waters were calm, serene and it has amazing snorkeling. You can see lots of fish and coral with just a short swim from shore. (Remember to bring your own snorkel gear!)

While it is about 15 – 20 minutes from Cabo, a taxi or bus can easily take you there so that you can enjoy the day swimming, snorkeling or lounging on the sand.

Learn more about Chileno Beach in this post here “Chileno Bay – Best Snorkeling near Cabo San Lucas.

7 Things to do in Cabo San lucas - #2 Visit Chileno Bay Beach for snorkeling!

There is excellent snorkeling at Chileno Beach!
Chileno Bay is a great beach for swimming and snorkeling near Cabo San Lucas.
Chileno Bay

Chileno Bay is in the top 7 things to do near Cabo San Lucas.

3. Tequilla Tasting

Mexico has some of the best tequila in the world. Make sure to do some tequila tasting while in Cabo and learn about the many different types of tequila.

You can enjoy tequila infused with vanilla, pomegranate, chocolate and other flavors that you might not have known could be mixed with tequila. They taste really good!

Take a bottle of tequilla home as a souvenier because Mexico’s tequilla bottles are like works of art. Look at these beautiful bottles I found in a tequilla shop in downtown Cabo.

Tequilla Bottles in Mexico are like works of art! Take home a bottle when visiting Cabo San Lucas!

4. Explore Mexican Cuisine and Eat Lots of Tacos!

The tacos in Mexico are delicious and cheap! My mouth waters thinking about them. You can get a $2 taco that comes with generous portions of meat, guacamole and they even come with side vegetable platters.

Taco Tip: The best taco spot in Cabo is Gus’s Tacos! Recommend by locals and tourists alike.

Gus's Tacos in Downtown Taco were the best taco's I had in downtown Cabo. It even comes with the veggie platter!
Tacos from Gus’s Tacos! On the left, Al Pastor Tacos and the right side is chicken.

Try different spins on Tacos such as a taco with potato that I found at El Pais. El Pais serves you a overly stuffed potato full of juicy grilled meat with cheese and is served with a side of tortillas to make tacos.

Must try these tacos in Cabo San Lucas that has potato. Try something different when traveling! Read more about 7 things to do in Cabo.
Menu from El Pais with stuffed potatoes.

5. Day Trip to La Paz and Swim With Whale Sharks

La Paz may be a two hour drive from Cabo San Lucas, but it is close enough for a day trip. La Paz is very different from Cabo and frequently visited for excursions to swim with whalesharks.

The name whale sharks is misleading because they are not sharks or whales at all. Whalesharks are the largest fish in the world! They are gentle and majestical creatures.

Swim with whalesharks in La Paz Mexico. Read more about things to do near cabo san lucas on the blog post.
Photo taken underwater while swimming next to a whale shark.

Tours to swim with whale sharks are available for as little as $50 from La Paz’s marina. You can also get a tour from Cabo but most companies will charge $180 or more per person which is a steep price for some.

  • I found a great deal with a private driver to La Paz to both swim with whalesharks and visit Balandra Beach. If interested in their contact info, please leave a comment below and I will gladly give that to you!

6. Balandra Beach

While in La Paz, go visit Balandra Beach – one of the most magical beaches you may see in your life! How so? I know there are many beautiful beaches in the world, but what I found so unique about Balandra is that it has a calming and zen energy. When you step foot there, you can feel it immediately.

The beach is in a protected cove so the water is shallow and calm – great for swimming even for small children.

Read more about Balandra in this post here. “Balandra Beach – A Magical Oasis in the Desert”

Balandra Beach in La Paz Mexico - one of the most beautiful beaches. Read more about what to do near Cabo San Lucas on the blog post.
Balandra Beach in La Paz Mexico

Balandra Beach - A Magical Oasis in the desert in La Paz Mexico - a day trip from Cabo San Lucas. Read more about it on the blog.

#7 Walk the Marina at Sunset

The Marina has it all – restaurants, shopping, bars and the main hub for all boats leaving and returning to Cabo. Sunset is the best time to stroll around the Marina to watch the colors of the sky change amongst the backdrop of Land’s End.

Awesome things to do in Cabo San Lucas. Read my top 7 on the blog.

Relax in a spot near the water to see all the boats coming in and out of the Marina, sip a cocktail at a bar along the beach or dine at a restaurant with a great view for sundown. The Marina has it all.

Cabo San Lucas at sundown. Watch the boats come into Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Any questions about visiting Cabo? Leave us a comment.


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