Tips For Snorkeling At Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas – Better Places to Snorkel?

Snorkeling At Pelican Rock in Cabo San Lucas Mexico – Should you go snorkeling there?

Pelican Rock is a popular snorkeling area in Cabo San Lucas. Many of the boat tours and water taxis pass Pelican Rock as they take tourists to view the rock formations in the Sea of Cortez. (Read More About Boat Tours Here).The tours may offer to take you to Pelican Rock Beach for snorkeling to sweeten the deal, however, there are a few things you should know before deciding to go snorkeling there.

I absolutely love snorkeling, but the truth is, I should have done my research because it was not what I expected.


Should You Snorkel at Pelican Rock Beach?

If you are considering snorkeling at Pelican Beach, research the water conditions for the time of year you plan to visit. I was there is September and the water was not calm. Waves were constantly moving me around and sometimes I got too close to the rocks for comfort!

Boats are constantly cruising by which also causes a lot of ripples and movement of the water. This is a challenge because one, it makes it more difficult to swim and secondly, some fish swim away. Days that cruise ports docks are very busy days which means lots of boats!

The snorkeling area is small and is sectioned off to show the suggested boundaries. (See pic below). The water can get deep so you will need a life vest to keep afloat if you are not a good swimmer. The waves will fight against you as you swim.

With all my suggestions, keep in mind I am sure there are times of the year where the water is calmer and the boats do not interfere with the waves. However, that was NOT my experience and I am not a beginner snorkeler.

I have read some good reviews from people who enjoyed snorkeling at Pelican Rock. The time of year, water conditions, weather and the amount of boats out could have made their experience better.


Pelican Rock Beach - Snorkeling Area in Cabo Mexico Pelican Beach – Snorkeling Area in Cabo Mexico – You can see the section blocked off for snorkeling in the picture.


My Snorkel Experience

I was dropped off at Pelican Rock after a tour of the rock formations. I agreed that they could pick me up in an hour after we snorkel.

I jumped off the boat into the water since the boats cannot come all the way to the shore. I waded through the water to the shore. Since I had a backpack which I did not want to get wet, I did my best to keep it out above my head to the shore.

On the beach, I put my stuff high up on the rocks safe from the waves, and suited up in my snorkel gear. I was excited to get into the water! As I walked into the water, I had to fight some small but strong breaking waves to get in the water.

Once I got in, I realized that this snorkeling experience was much more challenging than I had though it would be! The waves from the sea, in addition to the waves created by the boats kept me alert. There are some large rocks protruding out the water so I was careful not to let the waves push me into them. I saw a school of small fish which was exciting but I was too distracted by the struggle with the waves to keep swimming farther out.

I decided to get out the water because I just did not think that this was a good idea. There is not a lot of sand for lounging and the waves break frequently due to the passing boats. I settled up upon a rock and waited for the hour to pass in the hot sun.

Pelican Rock Beach - Snorkeling Area Waiting patiently on a rock at Pelican Rock Beach. I am hoping the boat comes back soon!

I was with my boyfriend and we had to wait for the boat to come back to get us.  I felt slightly stranded! I just hoped the boat would be back soon.

I have read some good reviews from people who enjoyed snorkeling at Pelican Rock. The time of year, water conditions, weather and the amount of boats out could have made their experience better.

If I were to do the experience over again, I would just do the boat tour and not include the snorkeling at Pelican Rock. I would much rather have booked another snorkel tour for another area of Cabo. The boat tour itself was worth it and a better experience without the snorkeling at Pelican Rock.


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    1. There are some places you can snorkel where you can even stand up in the water so water is not deep. That way, if you do not feel like a confident swimmer, you can still snorkel. It is so fun!

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