Getting Around Lisbon On A Tuk Tuk and A Lisbon Travel Tip

Tuk Tuks are one of the many ways to get around when traveling to Lisbon Portugal. Luckily my first tuk tuk ride was a great experience with helpful tuk tuk driver named Rita who was like our very own tour guide.  Rita taught me history, facts and helpful information about Lisbon during a drive up the steep Lisbon hills to the Castle of St. Jorge from Rossio Square.

The fare was reasonable – 5 euros per person in a group of 3. You can negotiate the price with Tuk Tuk drivers before you choose to take the ride.

In the video below, I share what it is like in a Tuk Tuk and a few more ways to get around Lisbon Portugal.

At Rossio Square (as shown in the video above), you have lots of transportation options including bus, metro, tram, Tuk Tuks, taxis and you can even buy tours from kiosks that are in the outside plaza.  The Hop on and Hop off bus tickets can be purchased here too. 

 Rossio Square is a good starting point if wondering where to start your sight seeing in Lisbon. I know that when I first got to Lisbon, one of my main questions was what was a central point for exploring, where to buy tours and where to catch transportation to main attractions. I wish I had known about Rossio Square sooner. 

Are tou travling to Lisbon? What appeals to you about Lisbon to make you want to visit?

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