What To Wear On a Cruise – Packing Tips For Your Next Cruise

Wondering what to pack and what to wear on a cruise? On my first cruise I packed way too much stuff that I did not need! After several cruises later, I learned to pack lighter and only bring what I really needed.

Here are a few tips about what to wear on a cruise:

    • Formal Dress Nights: There are 2 formal dress nights on a 7 week cruise. Bring 2 formal outfits. I have seen everything from ball gowns with women wearing tiaras to more simple simple black dresses. Dress up however much you want! How often do you get to do that? Have fun with it.
    • Mix and Match : Bring clothes that you can mix and match so that you pack less! For instance, bring 2-3 pair of shorts that you alternate with different tank tops instead of 7 pairs of shorts for each day!
        • You will have 3- 4 days at port on a 7 day cruise. Your mix and match items should include the clothing that you wear at each port.

      • Lounging Clothes – During your days at sea, you want to be comfortable and you can even wear beach wear. Keep it simple and relaxed! People are very casual throughout the day.
      • Beach Bag – I like to have a beach bag that I can use to carry things like my towel, reading material, sunscreen etc. to the pool or beach.
      • Hat and Sunglasses! – You will need these in the hot sun!
      • Shoes – Shoes can easily weigh down your luggage! Try bringing only 1-2 comfortable pairs of shoes/ sandals for walking and lounging. Also, bring only 1- 2 pair of nice heels for dinner that will match all your outfits. More than that is overkill!

In the video below “What To Wear On A Cruise” I will show you what I pack on a cruise and what to wear. Enjoy!

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What To Wear On A Cruise? Packing Tips For Smooth Sailing!
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